ONIX Code Lists Issue 11
List 17: Contributor role code

Value Description Notes Issue

A01 By (author) Author of a textual work 0
A02 With With or as told to: 'ghost' author of a literary work 0
A03 Screenplay by Writer of screenplay or script (film or video) 0
A04 Libretto by Writer of libretto (opera): see also A31 0
A05 Lyrics by Author of lyrics (song): see also A31 0
A06 By (composer) Composer of music 0
A07 By (artist) Visual artist when named as the primary creator of, eg, a book of reproductions of artworks 0
A08 By (photographer) Photographer when named as the primary creator of, eg, a book of photographs) 0
A09 Created by 0
A10 From an idea by 0
A11 Designed by 0
A12 Illustrated by Artist when named as the creator of artwork which illustrates a text, or of the artwork of a graphic novel or comic book 0
A13 Photographs by Photographer when named as the creator of photographs which illustrate a text 0
A14 Text by Author of text which accompanies art reproductions or photographs, or which is part of a graphic novel or comic book 0
A15 Preface by Author of preface 0
A16 Prologue by Author of prologue 0
A17 Summary by Author of summary 0
A18 Supplement by Author of supplement 0
A19 Afterword by Author of afterword 0
A20 Notes by Author of notes or annotations: see also A29 0
A21 Commentaries by Author of commentaries on the main text 0
A22 Epilogue by Author of epilogue 0
A23 Foreword by Author of foreword 0
A24 Introduction by Author of introduction: see also A29 0
A25 Footnotes by Author/compiler of footnotes 0
A26 Memoir by Author of memoir accompanying main text 0
A27 Experiments by Person who carried out experiments reported in the text 0
A29 Introduction and notes by Author of introduction and notes: see also A20 and A24 0
A30 Software written by Writer of computer programs ancillary to the text 0
A31 Book and lyrics by Author of the textual content of a musical drama: see also A04 and A05 0
A32 Contributions by Author of additional contributions to the text 0
A33 Appendix by Author of appendix 0
A34 Index by Compiler of index 0
A35 Drawings by 0
A36 Cover design or artwork by Use also for the cover artist of a graphic novel or comic book if named separately 0
A37 Preliminary work by Responsible for preliminary work on which the work is based 0
A38 Original author Author of the first edition (usually of a standard work) who is not an author of the current edition 0
A39 Maps by Maps drawn or otherwise contributed by 4
A40 Inked or colored by When separate persons are named as having respectively drawn and colored artwork, eg for a graphic novel or comic book, use A12 for 'drawn by' and A40 for 'colored by' 5
A41 Pop-ups by Designer of pop-ups in a pop-up book, who may be different from the illustrator 7
A42 Continued by Use where a standard work is being continued by somebody other than the original author 7
A43 Interviewer 7
A44 Interviewee 7
A99 Other primary creator Other type of primary creator not specified above 0
B01 Edited by 0
B02 Revised by 0
B03 Retold by 0
B04 Abridged by 0
B05 Adapted by 0
B06 Translated by 0
B07 As told by 0
B08 Translated with commentary by This code applies where a translator has provided a commentary on issues relating to the translation. If the translator has also provided a commentary on the work itself, codes B06 and A21 should be used. 0
B09 Series edited by Name of a series editor when the product belongs to a series 0
B10 Edited and translated by 0
B11 Editor-in-chief 0
B12 Guest editor 0
B13 Volume editor 0
B14 Editorial board member 0
B15 Editorial coordination by 0
B16 Managing editor 0
B17 Founded by Usually the founder editor of a serial publication: Begruendet von 1
B18 Prepared for publication by 2
B19 Associate editor 2
B20 Consultant editor Use also for 'advisory editor' 2
B21 General editor 2
B22 Dramatized by 2
B23 General rapporteur In Europe, an expert editor who takes responsibility for the legal content of a collaborative law volume 2
B24 Literary editor An editor who is responsible for establishing the text used in an edition of a literary work, where this is recognised as a distinctive role (in Spain, 'editor literario') 6
B25 Arranged by (music) 7
B99 Other adaptation by Other type of adaptation or editing not specified above 0
C01 Compiled by 0
C02 Selected by 0
C99 Other compilation by Other type of compilation not specified above 0
D01 Producer 0
D02 Director 0
D03 Conductor Conductor of a musical performance 0
D99 Other direction by Other type of direction not specified above 0
E01 Actor 0
E02 Dancer 0
E03 Narrator 0
E04 Commentator 0
E05 Vocal soloist Singer etc 0
E06 Instrumental soloist 0
E07 Read by Reader of recorded text, as in an audiobook 0
E08 Performed by (orchestra, band, ensemble) Name of a musical group in a performing role 0
E99 Performed by Other type of performer not specified above: use for a recorded performance which does not fit a category above, eg a performance by a stand-up comedian. 0
F01 Filmed/photographed by 0
F99 Other recording by Other type of recording not specified above 0
Z01 Assisted by May be associated with any contributor role, and placement should therefore be controlled by contributor sequence numbering 2
Z99 Other Other creative responsibility not falling within A to F above 0