ONIX Code Lists Issue 11
List 33: Other text type code

Value Description Notes Issue

01 Main description 0
02 Short description/annotation Limited to a maximum of 350 characters 0
03 Long description 0
04 Table of contents Used for a table of contents sent as a single text field, which may or may not carry structure expressed through HTML etc. Alternatively, a fully structured table of contents may be sent by using the <ContentItem> composite. 0
05 Review quote, restricted length A review quote that is restricted to a maximum length agreed between the sender and receiver of an ONIX file 5
06 Quote from review of previous edition A review quote taken from a review of a previous edition of the work 5
07 Review text Full text of a review of the product 0
08 Review quote A quote from a review of the product 0
09 Promotional “headline” A promotional phrase which is intended to headline a description of the product 0
10 Previous review quote A quote from a review of a previous work by the same author(s) or in the same series 0
11 Author comments May be part of Reading Group Guide material: for other commentary, see code 42 1
12 Description for reader 0
13 Biographical note A note referring to all contributors to a product – NOT linked to a single contributor 0
14 Description for Reading Group Guide For linking to a complete Reading Group Guide, see code 41 1
15 Discussion question for Reading Group Guide Each instance must carry a single question: for linking to a complete Reading Group Guide, see code 41 1
16 Competing titles Free text listing of other titles with which the product is in competition: although this text might not appear in “public” ONIX records, it could be required where ONIX Is used as a communication format within a group of publishing and distribution companies 2
17 Flap copy 0
18 Back cover copy 0
19 Feature Text describing a feature of a product to which the publisher wishes to draw attention for promotional purposes. Each separate feature should be described by a separate repeat, so that formatting can be applied at the discretion of the receiver of the ONIX record. 3
20 New feature As code 19, but used for a feature which is new in a new edition of the product. 3
21 Publisher's notice A statement included by a publisher in fulfilment of its contractual obligations, such as a disclaimer, sponsor statement, or legal notice of any sort. Note that the inclusion of such a notice cannot and does not imply that a user of the ONIX record is obliged to reproduce it. 8
23 Excerpt from book 0
24 First chapter 0
25 Description for sales people 0
26 Description for press or other media 0
27 Description for subsidiary rights department 0
28 Description for teachers/educators 0
30 Unpublished endorsement A quote usually provided by a celebrity to promote a new book, not from a review 0
31 Description for bookstore 0
32 Description for library 0
33 Introduction or preface 0
34 Full text 0
35 Promotional text Promotional text not covered elsewhere 8
40 Author interview / QandA 8
41 Reading Group Guide Complete guide: see also codes 14 and 15 8
42 Commentary / discussion Other than author comments: see code 11 8
99 Country of final manufacture A single ISO 3166-1 country code from List 91 designating the country of final manufacture of the product. (This functionality is provided as a workaround in ONIX 2.1. ONIX 3.0 has specific provision for country of manufacture as a separate element.) 11