ONIX Code Lists Issue 11
List 7: Product form code

Value Description Notes Issue

00 Undefined 0
AA Audio Audio recording - detail unspecified 0
AB Audio cassette Audio cassette (analogue) 0
AC CD-Audio Audio compact disc, in any recording format: use coding in Product Form Detail to specify the format, if required 8
AD DAT Digital audio tape cassette 0
AE Audio disc Audio disc (excluding CD) 0
AF Audio tape Audio tape (reel tape) 0
AG MiniDisc Sony MiniDisc format 2
AH CD-Extra Audio compact disc with part CD-ROM content 2
AI DVD Audio 2
AJ Downloadable audio file Audio recording downloadable online 2
AK Pre-recorded digital audio player For example, Playaway audiobook and player: use coding in Product Form Detail to specify the recording format, if required 11
AL Pre-recorded SD card For example, Audiofy audiobook chip 7
AZ Other audio format Other audio format not specified by AB to AK 0
BA Book Book - detail unspecified 0
BB Hardback Hardback or cased book 0
BC Paperback / softback Paperback or other softback book 0
BD Loose-leaf Loose-leaf book 0
BE Spiral bound Spiral, comb or coil bound book 0
BF Pamphlet Pamphlet or brochure, stapled; German 'geheftet' 0
BG Leather / fine binding 0
BH Board book Child’s book with all pages printed on board 0
BI Rag book Child’s book with all pages printed on textile 0
BJ Bath book Child’s book printed on waterproof material 0
BK Novelty book A book whose novelty consists wholly or partly in a format which cannot be described by any other available code – a ‘conventional’ format code is always to be preferred; one or more Product Form Detail codes, eg from the B2nn group, should be used whenever possible to provide additional description. 2
BL Slide bound Slide bound book 2
BM Big book Extra-large format for teaching etc; this format and terminology may be specifically UK; required as a top-level differentiator 2
BN Part-work (fascículo) A part-work issued with its own ISBN and intended to be collected and bound into a complete book 6
BO Fold-out book or chart Concertina-folded book or chart, designed to fold to pocket or regular page size: use for German 'Leporello' 8
BP Foam book A children’s book whose cover and pages are made of foam 10
BZ Other book format Other book format or binding not specified by BB to BP 0
CA Sheet map Sheet map - detail unspecified 0
CB Sheet map, folded 0
CC Sheet map, flat 0
CD Sheet map, rolled See Code List 80 for 'rolled in tube' 0
CE Globe Globe or planisphere 0
CZ Other cartographic Other cartographic format not specified by CB to CE 0
DA Digital Digital or multimedia (detail unspecified) 0
DC CD-I CD interactive 0
DD DVD DEPRECATED - use VI for DVD video, AI for DVD audio, DI for DVD-ROM 2
DE Game cartridge 0
DF Diskette AKA 'floppy disc' 0
DG Electronic book text Electronic book text in proprietary or open standard format 0
DH Online resource An electronic database or other resource or service accessible through online networks 0
DJ Secure Digital (SD) Memory Card 6
DK Compact Flash Memory Card 6
DL Memory Stick Memory Card 6
DM USB Flash Drive 6
DN Double-sided CD/DVD Double-sided disc, one side Audio CD/CD-ROM, other side DVD 7
DZ Other digital Other digital or multimedia not specified by DB to DN 0
FA Film or transparency Film or transparency – detail unspecified 0
FB Film Continuous film or filmstrip: DEPRECATED - use FE or FF 2
FC Slides Photographic transparencies mounted for projection 0
FD OHP transparencies Transparencies for overhead projector 0
FE Filmstrip 2
FF Film Continuous movie film as opposed to filmstrip 2
FZ Other film or transparency format Other film or transparency format not specified by FB to FF 0
MA Microform Microform – detail unspecified 0
MB Microfiche 0
MC Microfilm Roll microfilm 0
MZ Other microform Other microform not specified by MB or MC 0
PA Miscellaneous print Miscellaneous printed material – detail unspecified 0
PB Address book May use product form detail codes P201 to P204 to specify binding 0
PC Calendar 0
PD Cards Cards, flash cards (eg for teaching reading) 0
PE Copymasters Copymasters, photocopiable sheets 0
PF Diary May use product form detail codes P201 to P204 to specify binding 0
PG Frieze 0
PH Kit 0
PI Sheet music 0
PJ Postcard book or pack 0
PK Poster Poster for retail sale – see also XF 0
PL Record book Record book (eg 'birthday book', 'baby book'): may use product form detail codes P201 to P204 to specify binding 0
PM Wallet or folder Wallet or folder (containing loose sheets etc): it is preferable to code the contents and treat 'wallet' as packaging (List 80), but if this is not possible the product as a whole may be coded as a 'wallet' 0
PN Pictures or photographs 0
PO Wallchart 0
PP Stickers 2
PQ Plate (lámina) A book-sized (as opposed to poster-sized) sheet, usually in colour or high quality print 6
PR Notebook / blank book A book with all pages blank for the buyer's own use: may use product form detail codes P201 to P204 to specify binding 8
PS Organizer May use product form detail codes P201 to P204 to specify binding 8
PT Bookmark 8
PZ Other printed item Other printed item not specified by PB to PT 0
VA Video Video – detail unspecified 0
VB Video, VHS, PAL DEPRECATED - use new VJ 2
VC Video, VHS, NTSC DEPRECATED - use new VJ 2
VD Video, Betamax, PAL DEPRECATED - use new VK 2
VE Video, Betamax, NTSC DEPRECATED - use new VK 2
VF Videodisc eg Laserdisc 0
VG Video, VHS, SECAM DEPRECATED - use new VJ 2
VH Video, Betamax, SECAM DEPRECATED - use new VK 2
VI DVD video DVD video: specify TV standard in List 78 2
VJ VHS video VHS videotape: specify TV standard in List 78 2
VK Betamax video Betamax videotape: specify TV standard in List 78 2
VL VCD VideoCD 5
VM SVCD Super VideoCD 5
VN HD DVD High definition DVD disc, Toshiba HD DVD format 7
VO Blu-ray High definition DVD disc, Sony Blu-ray format 7
VP UMD Video Sony Universal Media disc 7
VZ Other video format Other video format not specified by VB to VP 0
WW Mixed media product A product consisting of two or more items in different media, eg book and CD-ROM, book and toy etc 0
WX Multiple copy pack A product containing multiple copies of one or more items packaged together for retail sale, consisting of either (a) several copies of a single item (eg 6 copies of a graded reader), or (b) several copies of each of several items (eg 3 copies each of 3 different graded readers), or (c) several copies of one or more single items plus a single copy of one or more related items (eg 30 copies of a pupil's textbook plus 1 of teacher's text). NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH: multi-volume sets, or sets containing a single copy of a number of different items (boxed, slip-cased or otherwise); items with several components of different physical forms (see WW); or packs intended for trade distribution only, where the contents are retailed separately (see XC, XE, XL). 7
XA Trade-only material Trade-only material (unspecified) 0
XB Dumpbin – empty 0
XC Dumpbin – filled Dumpbin with contents 0
XD Counterpack – empty 0
XE Counterpack – filled Counterpack with contents 0
XF Poster, promotional Promotional poster for display, not for sale – see also PK 0
XG Shelf strip 0
XH Window piece Promotional piece for shop window display 0
XI Streamer 0
XJ Spinner 0
XK Large book display Large scale facsimile of book for promotional display 0
XL Shrink-wrapped pack A quantity pack with its own product code, for trade supply only: the retail items it contains are intended for sale individually – see also WX. For products or product bundles supplied shrink-wrapped for retail sale, use the Product Form code of the contents plus code 21 from List 80. 0
XZ Other point of sale Other point of sale material not specified by XB to XL 0
ZA General merchandise General merchandise – unspecified 0
ZB Doll 0
ZC Soft toy Soft or plush toy 0
ZD Toy 0
ZE Game Board game, or other game (except computer game: see DE) 0
ZF T-shirt 0
ZZ Other merchandise Other merchandise not specified by ZB to ZF 0